Caspar van Citters (1674 - 1734)

Caspar van Citters (1674-1734)

Caspar studied in Leiden and graduated in Orleans in 1699. In 1703 he was together with his younger brother Willem I involved in the Contracts of Correspondence (Contracten of Correspondentie). This contract arranged the succession of political functions between the vested seventeenth century families (old faction) and the newcoming eigtheenth century families (new faction).  Caspar had an influential role as he was related to both the vested families and the newcomers. The role of Caspar and Willem I is probably the basis for the oligarchical power of the family in the second half of the eighteenth century as the family was more and more able to appoint in the crucial functions one or another family member (sons or grandsons of Caspar & Willem I)  In 1704 he became Secretary of Middelburg and in 1718 he succeeded his father in law, Jacob Verheye, as Pensionary (prime delegate of the state of Zealand at the States General) in The Hague.

Note: In the quest for power it is interesting to note that the Van Citters family was able to combine local power [in Zealand] with both national influence (in The Hague) and trade interests (VOC).

In the first generation Aernout van Citters had national influence as a member of the High Council and Ambassador in London. His cousin, Anthony van Ceters had influence in Rotterdam, and his son Aernout junior (1661-1718) protected trade interests in Middelburg.

The second generation Caspar van Citters (1674-1734) became Pensionary in the Hague in 1718. In the meantime his younger brother Willem I (1685-1758) was Mayor of Middelburg and Governor of the VOC.

In the third generation Willem II was Pensionary in The Hague. At the same time Jacob (1708-1792), son of Caspar, was Mayor of Middelburg and Willem Aernout, grandson of Willem I was Governor of the VOC and Mayor of Middelburg.

The fourth generation was lined up for the succession when the default of the VOC and the 1796 revolution would not have deminished their influence and wealth.